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Behind The Scenes Video

Recording Session

Pirates of Black Skull Bay

"Pirates of Black Skull Bay" was recorded with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra as suite of themes.

Composition/Orchestration: Raimund Hepp

Conductor: Allan Wilson

Filmed and edited by Thomas Ilg

Music Video


"Harm" was released as first single from Raimund's solo album "Chapter One" in 2021.
Video filmed and edited by Alexandros Merkouris film location: Northern Greece

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Listen to the whole album on spotify or bandcamp:

At bandcamp the album is available in vinyl as well.


Apfel Marlene

Music composed and produced by Raimund Hepp

Feature Film

Der Atem des Himmels
Feature Film - Der Atem des Himmels - The Baron Says Goodbye
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Composition/Orchestration: Raimund Hepp

Performed by: Slovak National Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Allan Wilson

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