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Raimund Hepp is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and artist from Austria.

Throughout the years he contributed as a composer to films like “Der Atem des Himmels” (2010), “Alles Fleisch ist Gras” (TV movie 2015),

“Erik & Erika” (2018) and was as synth programmer part of the music team for Hollywood blockbusters like Roland Emmerich’s Second World War drama “Midway” (2019) or the SciFi disaster movie “Moonfall” (2022).

Raimund's style ranges from large orchestral, melodic, sometimes sweeping music to contemporary electronica and sparse sound design.

He has been nominated at the Austrian Movie awards for best Music and at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the category “Contemporary Classical/Instrumental”.


As solo artist Raimund Mathias Hepp he composes minimalist, instrumental, and experimental music, with influences ranging from classical minimalism to contemporary electronic music, still honoring his roots in film music where he honed his craft of expressing emotions through expansive soundscapes and storytelling melodies.
While prizing the principles of musical simplicity, Raimund enjoys employing an assortment of out-of-the-box sonic colors, weaving in traditional dissonance so skillfully as to bring it all the way back to assonance in the listener’s ear. When allowed to breathe against a simplistic backdrop, these unique sounds inspire a unique set of emotional responses.

"When music and images come together, it is like 1+1 equals 3 ... if you do it right."

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